“I knew my career would involve using my hands. It just so happened at the time of my transitional period I appreciated clothing.”


My first love was science. Human biology to be specific. I was always fascinated with the complexity of the human body, yet looking at it from the outside it’s quite bland unless dressed in a way which is enticing to the human eye.

With my first love in mind, I enrolled on to an audiology degree at Aston University, but it wasn’t meant to be. After a one year false start, I decided to pursue a career in the clothing industry instead. It was 2009.

At the time I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer; intrigued by the architecture clothing provided for the body and how people responded to it. I decided to choose the quickest route which would allow me to be among the best in the world and move to the capital. This would be a foundation course in art and design at Birmingham City University.

Soon after I was accepted on to a fashion design degree at the University of East London, starting 2011. However, I quickly realised I disliked sketching and my natural style wasn't typically fashionable; it was more practical. In fact, the only thing I did excel at was content research and experimentation. My strength became manipulating a brief; doing exactly what it asked, but in my own way. This was how I maintained decent grades.

I couldn't understand my innate desire to be part of the fashion industry, despite not particularly enjoying the two things which define a designer: being able to sketch and creating extravagant ideas which would seem impossible to replicate.

It wasn't until my placement year at university I began to find myself as a creative. I worked across three different markets to understand how the industry worked and which part of it I wanted to be part of.

At House of Billiam (niche, tailoring, bespoke), I learnt the foundations of Outer Torso wear: intermediate level pattern cutting, sewing and connections with trimming and fabric suppliers. Here I worked on projects for the likes of One Direction, Lana Del Ray, Stooshe, Perez Hilton and Harvard University while assisting on collaborations with A Million Hands and Slam City Skates. Whereas at Marks & Spencer (high street), computer-aided design, presentations, research design development and measuring pieces were predominant. Finally my time at Minki Cheng (high end), focused heavily on fittings, understanding technical patterns and technical sewing, while travelling between UK factories to follow up or drop off work.

2013 was the most exciting and significant year of my career because it was when I decided to drop out of university and continue working with Minki Cheng.

But I was interning and money began to run low. With minimal options, I had to start freelancing which is when Instagram really came through for me. Before I knew it, I was making stage costumes for X-Factor candidates, concerts, the red carpet, award shows, live sewing events and working alongside Nike x Liberty London.

Over the past six years, I’ve grafted; giving birth to brands from my many bedrooms in London that always double up as studios. Now I’m back to being self-employed again having quit my job as an express tailor at Harrods to have a go at really pushing all my services, develop a team and collaborate with creative individuals. With several projects in the pipeline, I'm preparing to conquer new ground.

My ambition is to have a project-based cut measure trim production company covering film, theatre, bridal wear, runway shows, concerts and business start-ups. I want to be the Es Devlin of clothing. 

What I can provide…

I pride myself on being committed to providing a professional and speedy service without sacrificing on quality. My goal is to exceed the expectations of each client. I take on all types of jobs from small domestic work to larger commercial projects, all carried out to the highest standards.

With my knowledge of pattern cutting and sewing skills, my one-stop shop allows me to provide a range of services such as: consultancy, pattern cutting, toiling, samples, small production runs, sourcing fabric and trimmings, liaising for grading and mass production, clothing alterations and repairs. I also work with people looking for bespoke pieces or special occasion attire.

Premium services include helping establish your clothing brand, one-to-one tuition, seasonal or temporary hire, workshops and events.

''Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try...''

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