Nyheke Lambert LTD is a one-stop shop for clothing manufacturing, specialising in start-ups & bespoke attire

I pride myself on the commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work. Problem solving and attention to detail are a must. My ultimate goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every client. I take on all types of jobs from small domestic work, commercial projects or high-profile clients - all carried out to the highest standards. My one-stop shop includes the following services: Bespoke, Clothing line start-ups, Alterations, Sampling, Small production runs, One-to-one tuition, CAD design, Printing and Embroidery, Consultancy, Workshops and Events.

“I had quite an unconventional entrance into the clothing industry. Originally from Birmingham, and of Jamaican descent, my first passion was science - human biology to be specific. I started an audiology degree in 2009 but it ended up being a false start. The fact that I cared more about what I’d be wearing as opposed to remembering my books and stationery made me question whether audiology was something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. The answer was of course, NO. I then began thinking about the subjects in school which made me happy and I excelled in. The answers were of course, textiles, design technology and art.

I then decided to enrol onto a foundation course in art and design which allowed me to relocate to the big city and study a degree in fashion design at the University of East London. Initially I thought I wanted to be a designer but quickly realised I didn’t like to sketch and my natural style wasn’t typically fashionable - it was more practical. It was at this point I became uncertain about the position I was in. It was evident my immediate strength was being able to understand and implement a brief, however this only made up a small portion of the course. Being able to sketch was pivotal and being able to produce a final piece required training, which I didn’t have, so it was only so far my grades could go. So there I was, in a position where the two things I believed defined a great designer weren’t applicable to me.

It wasn't until my placement year at university that I began to find myself as a creative. I worked across three different markets to understand how the industry worked and which part of it I wanted to be part of.

At House of Billiam (niche, tailoring, bespoke), I learnt the foundations of outer torso wear: intermediate level pattern cutting, sewing and made connections with trimming and fabric suppliers. Here I worked on projects for the likes of One Direction, Lana Del Ray, Stooshe, Perez Hilton and Harvard University whilst assisting on collaborations with A Million Hands and Slam City Skates. Whereas at Marks & Spencer (high street), computer-aided design, presentations, research, design, development and measuring pieces were the predominant skills. Finally my time at Minki Cheng (high end), focused heavily on fittings, understanding technical patterns and sewing whilst travelling between UK factories to follow up or drop off work.

2013 was the most exciting and significant year of my career because it was when I decided to drop out of university and continue working with Minki Cheng…But I was interning and money began to run low.

With minimal options I had to start utilising the skills I’d built during my placement year, which is when Instagram really came through for me. I started posting pictures of my work and before I knew it, I was making stage outfits for X-Factor candidates, concerts, the red carpet, award shows, live sewing events and working alongside Nike x Liberty London.

Over the past seven years, I’ve grafted, giving birth to brands from my many bedrooms in London which always doubled up as studios. Now I’ve started Nyheke Lambert LTD having quit my job as an express tailor at Harrods in January 2018 to have a go at really pushing all my services, developing a team and collaborating with creative individuals. With several projects in the pipeline, I'm preparing to conquer new ground.

My ambition is to one day have an extremely talented house of individuals where we take on projects catering to music artists, films, theatre, concerts, tours and start-ups. So far Nyheke Lambert LTD has collaborated and produced work for Rough Copy, Shadez The Misfit, G FrSH , Kylie Minogue’s tour band, Zoe Costello, Arlo, Chase & Status and Famous Kid Brick.’’

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